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Project Description
This is a kind of knowledge management system built with new technologies and cool methodologies.

The main point of this project is not to just develop a cool system but to make it flexible, maintainable and scalable. So here is the list of key principles and practices I'd like to adhere to when building the system.

* Test Driven Development (TDD). It helps me to keep the code under control and simplifies refactoring since I don't have to seek for a stupid bug after I've changed something.
* Domain Driven Design (DDD). By following this methodology I can make sure that all parts of my system are clearly separated from each other, business logic doesn't mess with data access or contain any UI-specific code. It makes future modifications easy because you always know where to find and where to change some code (well, at least in which part of the application).

It's a web application built with ASP.NET MVC 1.0 (or maybe 2.0)

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